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I have spent so much time dreaming of building a community for young women... a community of us that work to build each other up, that are always there for each other, that have fun together and that are each other's cheerleaders. I dream of building a community of young women that give back to the community and do it with hearts full of love.
I want to do random activities with a community of young women. Things as simple as getting together and doing homework or even pigging out on junk food and chatting..  things as elaborate as exclusive make up classes, "shoe box" parties, making buns and passing them out to the homeless, etc.. 
This special place on the web is my start at that. The beginning of building up that community.
Thank you for joining me!

meet the 2016 team

Amy Stange
Jillian Pickerell
Coralie VdBruinhorst
Daniella DeJonge
2016- WR Myers (Taber)
Volleyball coach and over comer of obstacles.
"Beauty isn't about having a pretty face. It's about having a pretty mind, pretty heart and pretty soul"
2016- homeschooled (Monarch)
Farm girl, scrapbooker, babysitter and sister to many.
"True beauty isn't about the most expensive clothing brands and the fanciest things. It's about your characteristics. It's about your flaws, and being able to accept who you are and being who you are no matter what.. because when it comes down to it, it's not worth being someone else when you can be your own wonderful, unique self."
2016- WR Myers (Taber)
Spunky ballerina and soft ball player.
"To me, true beauty is in simplicity. Glamour and glitter are great but 'messy bun and no make up you' is the best and truest version."
2016- Calvin Christian (Monarch)
Passionate about being a voice to those who need one.
"I believe true beauty is at heart. Anyone can be pretty or good looking, but to actually be truly beautiful is at heart. In the end, it's not about what we look like or how we dress that we'll be remembered by, but who we are.."
Kaitlin Van Sluys
Kendra VandeBrink
Lacey Balog
Toni Megyes
2017- Calvin Christian (Monarch)
Dirtbiker, horse fanatic, family girl and traveller.
"True beauty has really nothing to do with the appearance of someone but rather, what's on the inside. The way you treat others and yourself is what defines how beautiful you are.."
2016- Calvin Christian (Monarch)
Volunteer at  local hospital, passionate about giving back.
"Beauty is a gift of a true mind and soul. It is not by our appearances but instead, the reflection within our hearts."
2016- Erle Rivers (Milk River)
Farm girl, baker, conqueror of obstacles.
"True beauty is being kind to yourself, and others as well. Accepting yourself and recognizing that your 'flaws' are what make you unique is a beautiful thing in itself!"
2016- WR Myers (Taber)
Member of the school band and a long time figure skater.
"True beauty is how you feel about yourself. It honestly has so little to do with the definition of beauty itself and so much to do with whether or not you're happy with yourself and the way you feel!"

activity calendar

  1. Saturday: January 16 (morning)
    LPN Mini Sessions
    Roses and white nursing cap will be provided. Please be sure to bring a white scrub top/t-shirt and your stethoscope if you want pictures with that. Location- studio $50
  2. Saturday: January 30
    Western Bliss Boutique Collaboration Shoot (Reps Only)
    Refer to our Facebook message for the details on what time you need to arrive. Please bring along black leggings, jeans, boots (+cowboy boots), hats (+cowboy hats) and jewellery. (cowboy boots, hats and jewellery option). Location- studio & outside
  1. Saturday: March 19
    LPN Mini Sessions
    Roses and white nursing cap will be provided. Please be sure to bring a white scrub top/t-shirt and your stethoscope if you want pictures with that. Location- studio $50
  1. Friday: February 12
    Valentine's Day Mini Sessions
    NOW BOOKING 20 minute mini sessions for Valentine's Day! Whether you want some cute pictures of yourself, you and your boyfriend, or you and your bestie, be sure to get in touch ASAP to ensure your spot. (Make up included) Location- studio

behind the scenes

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